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The Building of a Community
By providing artists access to proper facilities, materials, tools and workspace we hope to facilitate professional instruction in the various fine and applied arts. These facilities will include studios, a wood shop, metal shop, foundry, library, offices and living quarters. We will contact qualified instructors and lecturers to participate in our programs then distribute a newsletter, brochures and other printed materials meant for attracting artists to this creative community. Last, but most importantly, we will work collaboratively in establishing a solid infrastructure of qualified people to run all our programs successfully.

The Land
The future of this Residency will begin on a 200-1,000 acre parcel and be subdivided as follows:

At least 50+ acres for these major facilities:
1) Art Resident's Center - Upon entrance to the Residency property one should immediately find the Residency Office & Information Center plus a Community Room & Dining Hall, Computer Center and Library.
2) Extending from the main Center one would find a Metal Shop & Foundry, a Wood Shop, 2-D Studios, Art Gallery and a General Store. [As funding comes in a Video Editing Studio and a Music Studio could be added.]

At least 50+ acres dedicated to an outdoor Sculpture Park with pathways leading to various Art Installations, some being permanent to the Park, others being rotated from within our collection.

20+ acres for Dwellings/Cabins and/or Earthships* for the Artists in Residence, Visiting Artists, Workshop Instructors, Visiting Lecturers and Staff. Note: If the living quarters aren't equipped with showers & toilets, a separate Bathing Facility (or two) would have to be designed and constructed as well.

Other Plans for the Property:
1) Approximately 10 acres dedicated to a Yoga and Holistic Healing House with Sweat Lodge, Hot Tubs, Wet & Dry Saunas and a Quiet Room.
2) 20+ acres set aside for Farming, Gardening, Greenhouses, and Shelter for Farm Animals, i.e. riding horses, chickens, etc.

Phase I Winter 2003
January: Begin researching available Property for the Center.

Phase II Spring/Summer 2003
Continue search for Property.
Begin Grant Writing and Fundraising for the Foundation.

Phase III Fall/Winter 2003
Continue search for Property.
Continue with Grant Writing and Fundraising plans.
Create Job Descriptions for Staff & Teaching Positions.
Create Applications for Volunteer and Employee positions.
Put out a call for Volunteer and/or Staff positions.

Phase IV Spring 2004
Purchase new Property.
Develop a printed brochure for the Artists in Residence Program.
Start Application intake process & schedule interviews for Volunteer and/or Staff positions.
Consult with and hire Construction, Electrical & Plumbing Crews as necessary.
Apply for building Permits if required.
Contract an Architect if necessary for renovation and/or building plans.
Begin Construction of the basics: Offices, Housing, Sculpture Facility, Foundry, etc.

Phase V Summer 2004
Open Main Office to the public.
Announce call to Artists in Residence Program
Distribute Artist in Residence Program brochure, i.e. at art schools, theatres, etc.
Extend invitations to desired Volunteers and/or Staff.
Research potential Visiting Artists, Teachers, and/or Lecturers.
Continue Construction and/or Renovation Projects.
Research Equipment, Furniture & Tool Purchase possibilities.

Phase VI Fall 2004
Begin application intake process for the Artists in Residence Program.
Begin Interview process with potential Visiting Artists, Teachers, and/or Lecturers.
Continue Construction and/or Renovation Projects.
Begin purchasing of Equipment, Furniture & Tools as funding permits.

Phase VII Winter 2004-5
Send out invitations to selected Visiting Artists, Teachers and/or Lecturers.
Committee or Panel of Judges meet to Review Artists in Residence application materials and Slides.
Complete Construction Projects.
Install newly acquired Equipment, Furniture & Tools.

Phase VIII Spring 2005
Hire Staff.
Make Final Decision on Artists Residency positions and mail Letters of Acceptance.
Make preparations at the Center for intake of Artists, Visiting Artists, Teachers and/or Lecturers.
Design, Print & Mail invitations to Art Center Grand Opening Party/Fundraiser.

Phase IX Summer 2005
Aim for Art Center Grand Opening of June 20-21, 2005
[Party - Fundraiser & Summer Solstice Celebration!]
Open the doors to the first round of Artists in Residence.
Open the foundry & metal shop facilities for volunteer use.
Develop a Fall - Winter Workshop schedule.

Phase X Fall 2005
Begin Fall-Winter Workshop schedule.

How You can get Involved
Volunteering & Donations
Learn more about becoming a part of our Volunteer-Exchange Program

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