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ArtFag Mafia

Houston Art Car Klub (HACK)

Burnin'Bush Fire & Metal Arts Festival

Harrod Blank's Art Car Agency

Bike Rodeo and more with Cyclecide

Madagascar Institute


Dragon press on the internet:

Bruce Damer 2003 photos of Draka.

Draka at Burning Man Image Gallery 2000-2003.

Photos & commentary on Draka at BM 2002 by Mark Holmes

Bruce Damer 2002 photos of Draka.

Panoramic of Draka by Charles J. Evans

The story of Draka, the Flaming Metal Dragon, by Lisa Nigro Leonardo Journal, MIT Press.

Draka & Lisa are Rock Stars! In the pages of Rolling Stone Magazine 2000.

Lisa featured as #1 Steelgirl!

The Dragon Train 2000.

A collection of photos by Brad Templeton.

Draka photo by Catweasal.