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  Your Support Helps Keep the Draka Art's Fire Burnin'

As a non-profit organization, we depend on annual membership donations and other gifts from individuals to create our special programs and low cost workshops. We need your support now more than ever to build our Art Center and open an Artists in Residence Program.

  • Membership Program Overview
  • Membership Levels & Benefits
  • Additional Ways to Support Draka Arts
  • Membership Registration Form - Online
  • Membership Registration Form - Printable pdf file

    Membership Program Overview Become a Member

    Since we constructed Draka the Dragon in 2000, we've taught at least 200 people how to torch, weld and blacksmith through our Volunteer-Exchange program. With your support we'll be able to expand our efforts in the instruction of artists in metal arts as well as in other fine & applied arts; develop the Draka Art Center; start our Artists in Residency Program and build an inspiring community for the arts in general.

    Your support will helps us:

    • Continue to offer low-cost instruction
    • Enable the growth and improvement of our future facilities
    • Sponsor community outreach projects, including our future guest artist lectures and workshops

    Join or renew your membership today and have the satisfaction that your gift is helping to keep art in the community alive and bringing that art into the lives of others.

    Become a Member of the Draka Round Table!
    It's Easy!
    Just fill out the Membership Form online, or complete the print-friendly form and mail it to us at:

    Draka Arts Foundation
    Attn: Draka Round Table Memberships
    PO Box 112
    340 Main Street
    Gerlach, NV 89412

    You can also phone us at 775.557.2526. Your membership gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Draka Arts Foundation EIN#: 57-1158616

  • MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS: Draka Arts Round Table
    With your support we can also give something back...

  • Dragondude/Dragonette — $25/year
  • Guaranteed ride on Draka at Burnin'Bush Fire & Metal Arts Festival, Mardi Gras-New Orleans, or Houston Art Car Parade 2005
  • Notification of Draka Events & happenings
  • Member Only event invitations
  • White Knight/Fair Maiden — $50/year All of the above plus:
  • A Draka the Dragon poster
  • Discounts on Draka the Dragon merchandise
  • Sorcerer/Sorceress — $100/year All of the above plus:
  • Private tour of Draka the Dragon
  • A Burnin'Bush Patch
  • Dragon Wrangler /Dragon Mistress — $250/year All of the above plus:
  • A chance to fire off Draka's Flamethrower
  • Discounts on selected products crafted at the future Draka Art Center
  • Keeper of the Hearth Fire $500-$1499/year
    All of the above plus:
  • Invites to future Metal Pours at the Draka Art Center!
  • VIP privileges! Hang out with the Draka crew in the Belly of the Beast at Burnin'Bush Fire & Metal Art Festival
  • 10% discount on future Draka Art Center classes*
  • Pendragon — $1,500-4,999/year All of the above plus:
  • A 2nd Burnin'Bush Patch
  • One Private Night for two with catered dinner and open bar on Draka the Dragon at Burnin'Bush Fire & Metal Arts Festival
  • Acknowledgement as Individual Benefactor in our printed materials
  • Golden Dragon — $5,000-$9,999/year All of the above plus:
  • Add four more people to that Private Night with catered dinner and open bar on Draka the Dragon
  • A 2nd Draka the Dragon Poster
  • Dragon Slayer! — $10,000/year+

    All of the above plus:
  • Make that night a Private Party for you and twelve of your friends on Draka the Dragon

  • Click here to become a member!

    Note: Due to fair market value of Membership Benefits, amount of tax deduction for gift may vary. Draka Arts Foundation EIN#: 57-1158616
    * One 10% discount per class only- Discounts may not be combined.


    Become an In-Kind Draka DONOR!
    The initial set up and building of our Art Center will require a lot of hard work and materials. If you have something you'd like to consider donating, the creative folks at Draka Arts will be sure to put it to good use! All donations are tax deductible. Please view our Art Center's
    Wish List

    To find out about other ways you can help with the building of our Art Center and Residency Program contact us at donations@drakaarts.org, or make a donation today by clicking the PayPal button at the bottom of this page. You can also call us at 775.557.2526 or 415.282.1841 and we would be happy to talk with you about any of the following opportunities:

  • In-Kind Donations (see our wishlist)
  • Major Gift Donations
  • Gift Membership
  • Planned Giving
  • Employee/Employer Matching Gifts
  • Endowment Opportunities

    To donate now to Draka Arts Foundation please click here:

    For more information about other ways you can give contact us at
  • Thank you for your Support!


    1617 W. Magnolia Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78201  
    Phone: 210.785.9915  
    Email: info@drakaarts.org

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