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We have lots of plans and all are contingent upon our locating the land suitable to the needs of the Artist. Here is a description of one of the core programs we plan to offer:

Artists in Residence Program
At first, these Residencies will be tailored to Sculptors & Installation Artists, as our foundation grows we will expand our facilities to allow for two-dimensional artists to reside. Six to twenty artists will reside per year with 1, 2, 3, 6 & 12 month residencies offered to American artists and 3, 6 & 12 month residencies offered to Foreign artists. All artists in residence will be required to build one site-specific sculpture or installation for the residency's Sculpture Park or Gallery in exchange for their stay at the residency.

There will be two types of Residencies offered:

Short Term/ 1-3 summer months
U.S. Artists may apply to reside & work for 1, 2 or 3 months.
International Artists may apply to reside and work for 3 months.
Invitations will be made to Artists of merit.

Long Term/ 6-12 months
U.S. & International Artists may apply to reside & work.
Invitations will be made to Artists of merit.

For the duration of the Residency these selected Artists will benefit from:

Contact with Visiting Artists These are professional and/or "established" artists who will be invited to join the Residency Community for a specified period of time. They will live and work along side the Resident Artists, sharing their experiences, know-how and skills.

Lecturers Professional peoples, from various backgrounds and experience, who will be invited to speak to the Art Residency Community and its visitors.

Join our Mailing List to receive notification of a call for submissions to the Artists in Residence Program. Currently, we are scheduled to accept applications by Summer 2004. At that time Artists will be required to submit 10-20 slides of their work, a curriculum vitae, artist statement, project proposal and a non-refundable application fee (yet to be determined). A committee of six to ten professionals in the arts will review the submissions of the applicants for acceptance. If funding permits, Draka Arts Foundation will award monthly stipends to each selected artist.

Other Programs Draka Arts intends to make viable (as funding permits):

Residency Accommodations for Musicians and Writers
Apprenticeship Programs in sculpture, foundry, metal arts, woodworking, mold making, furniture construction, etc.
Artist Exchange Program made between Draka Arts & other cultural centers around the world.
A Youth Program where invitations will be extended to teenagers from South America who possess artistic potential; Peru in particular.
Plus, a variety of Ongoing Workshops and Special Events, i.e. Gallery Openings, Poetry Readings, Lectures, etc.

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