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Become an in-kind donor!
Much of our success so far is due to the generosity of individuals and businesses who have contributed valuable tools, welding supplies, equipment, and other materials in support of the Draka Arts Foundation mission. If you have something that you would consider donating, we can promise you it will be put to good use. In return for your kindness you get a tax write-off!

The following items will be needed to open our Art Center. We will also be in need of building & construction materials and Volunteer Power! For printable pdf file Click > Wish List

Silkscreen equipment, mosaic & stained glass materials, looms, oil & acrylic paints, canvas, stretchers, brushes, chicken wire, gauze, expanded metal, fabric, copper wire, scrap metal, glues & adhesives, paper, soldering tools, paper mache, glass blowing supplies, ceramic wheels & supplies, kilns, etc.

Estimated cost of materials: $20,000.00
2,000 sq. ft., 2 story, Traditional Pole Barn design w/Sliding doors, ceiling fans & concrete floor

Estimated cost of materials: $18,136.00
Speedy Melt Furnace (model #B702) $10,490.00
Accessory Kit (Tongs, #70 crucible, shank & pyrometer) $1,251.00
Extra Crucibles (#40 & 60) $500.00
Kiln $1,895.00
Forge $500.00
Anvil $500.00
Ceramic Shell Mixer $500.00
Ceramic Shell Material $750.00+
Grinders $250.00
HydroPerm Plaster ($24 per 100 lb. bag) $250.00+
Bronze (evidure C873 - $1.98/lb.) $500.00+
Victory Brown Wax $500.00+
Clay ($12 per bag) $200.00+
Patinas $50.00+

Estimated cost: $5,130.00+
2-3 Wire feed Welding Machines $1800.00
Welding Gear (shields, leathers) $500.00+
Industrial Work Tables $1000.00
2 Oxy/Acetylene Torch Sets + tank rentals $700.00+
Grinders & Drills $250.00
Chop Saw 300.00
Work Gloves & Goggles $100.00+
Metal Snips $30.00+ Welding Wire $300.00+
Tape Measures $50.00+
Misc. Welding Supplies $50.00+

Note: + after a dollar amount means these items will require repeat purchasing to keep the Art Center Programs in operation.

RESIDENCES for artists, staff, visiting artists & lecturers
Estimated cost of materials for each cabin: $15,000.00
Self contained, uniquely designed cabins or duplex cottages. Each will sleep 1 to 2 persons and contain:
1-2 Beds
1 Table & Chair Set and/or Desk
1 Ceiling Fan
Modest kitchen facility
1 Toilet, Shower & Sink (possibly shared with 1 other cabin)
[or Earthships could be built from recycled materials, see earthship.org]

OTHER SERVICES NEEDED: 4-color printing; embroidery & sticker manufacturers

Total start up cost for these facilities would be in the neighborhood of approximately $75,000.00 This figure will vary depending upon the amount and kind of donations received plus the unforseen.

Note on Labor Costs:

1) Volunteers will be brought in to help build new structures and make renovations to any existing structures, if there are any, at the Center. A Volunteer Exchange Program will be implemented so that volunteers will be able to trade their work hours for future use of the Art Center's Facilities.
2) The hiring of skilled peoples & obtaining Permits will make for additional costs ~ these costs will vary.

To learn more about our future Art Center > click here

We also accept cash donations.
Questions? Email us at donations@drakaarts.org
Or write: Draka Arts Foundation, PO Box 112, 340 Main Street, Gerlach, NV 89412

Thank you for supporting Draka Arts Foundation!

Draka Arts Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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